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Here you can have a look at and feel the flowing of the Multi-Dimensional Source energies in the images and read the first 38 pages of my book. You’ll be able to get a notion of the full content. Realize that all of the content in this book lies coded in this extraordinay, unique and Multi-Dimensional Music lnscription and is waiting to help you get connected and in resonance again with all universal frequenties & dimensions of life everywhere. lf you want to have your own personal copy of this wonder(s)-full book, you can scroll down for purchasing.

There is something extraordinary going on and the entire Universe is resonating and evolving through us, through our lives we are living at this moment in our HEARTS!

Therefore on page 10 you will see, feel, connect to and can tune into the frequencies of the anahatachakra or your HEART-Flower chakra. The opening of this frequency will guide you to the sacred center and the innermost space within your HEART where you can enter, start connecting and synchronizing your own life again by resonating with the 5th & 6th dimenional frequencies of our world we are fully entering at this moment.

During the last 16 years it gradually became clear to me that the Purpose of the Music lnscription is to help the process of Transformation and Transmutation of our planet Earth through recreating RESONANCE between humanity and the entire Uni-verse via the 7 Source Frequencies, the rhythms and all it’s Cosmic Knowledge.

Source Frequencies deciphered is a book in which the world is described in terms of frequencies. This is a very ancient, universal and above all Multi-dimensional world. A Multi-dimensional world is a world that consists of countless layers, where each layer possesses its own colors, shapes (=soundstructures), frequencies and (sub)harmonics.

Every number expressed in the form of a ratio, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division is a frequency with its own sound. Equally, each color, each shape and image is a moving sound/frequency captured in a nanosecond. By focussing on these and allowing them to enter into all your bodies, they will most certainly start to resonate in your body, spirit, mind and consciousness.

A book is written using letters which in turn form words. Placed together these words form sentences. Here form can be seen as well. In the Gospel of St. John we read: ” In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. Naming and descrihing things using letters is a sacred art.

All letters contain a numerical and spiritual value. I have been very conscious of this while noting down the unique and powerful insights. All stories of Creation in the world known to me mention: “Life originated from sound” (vibration/sound/rhythm). In short: Nada Brahma, Life is Sound. “The Cosmic Knowledge of Creation lies in knowing the High Dimensional Science of Sound”~M.Vonhoff

This book is not a story book. It contains information which is stored in encrypted form in the hitherto oldest Music Inscription known in the world. Actually it  is therefore a music book! In every word, image, number, form and color sounds the power of the frequencies from the Source. The subjects have come to the surface from the encrypted information. I have travelled the whole world to feel, ‘understand” and be able to bring the encryptions to sound once more.

The Multi-dimensional content which forms the construct of this ‘sounding, vibrating’ book contains layers which each in itself offer insights that are significant. Together they produce completely new harmonies.

For me the past 16 years became a journey to the center of within myself, the center of the Earth and the center of the Universe. The Music lnscription opened my eyes for so many levels/layers inside and outside myself. Just recently it came to me that the total number of musical signs noted down in the Music lnscription (2432) resonates with the diameter of the Inner Core of our Beauty-Full planet. For me every day is an other day of an amazing journey of flowing in an infinitely growing spiral that time and time again will show me more and deeper insights in the sound continuum We ARE and We are living in. My deepest wish is that the insights and music of this Ancient,Wonder-Full, Extraordinary and Oneness Consciousness music will touch and open your heart and creates the essential ever flowing Connection between the wisdom of your Heart and Mind with the Unity of All. I will certainly keep on sharing all my new insights on my website and on Facebook.

Keep in mind that all of the images used in my book are photos of ever flowing energies and frequencies that you can visualize within yourself and use them to harmonize yourself and everyONE and everyTHING that surrounds you and you are connected with!

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Because of the purpose of creating RESONANCE, the price of $ 38.88 is in resonance with 432Hz, the prime Source Frequency of the Music lnscription. 3888:432=9, the Nine Forces of Creation and the cosmic number of completion.

Because of the continued effort I made over the past sixteen years in order to decipher the Music lnscription, to record all my insights in my book and to assist in the translation of my book into English, I would appreciate if you could ask anyone who shows an interest in my book to go to my website to order his/her own personalized copy.

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Marret Vonhoff. (author of the book)

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